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Bronze package

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let's tailor your experience

Your unique get-a-way wedding should be taken just as seriously as the big weddings. Capturing these moments is very intimate and close. 

This package includes a little before the ceremony, during and little time after. This does not include a reception time. It does however include family photos, epic couple shots and of course pictures of the bride in her beautiful dress.

  • All full resolution edited digital files with print release
  • Photographer's favorites printed as 4x6s

Bronze package

Ceremony Olny
2-3 hours


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This package is for those who want their day captured but may not need everything. It covers a shorter ceremony and reception time.  

  • All full resolution edited digital files with print release
  • Custom designed coffee table book with up to 100 pages of images
  • Photographer's favorites printed as 4x6s

Silver package

Half Day
5-6 hours


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You get me all day! You have upgraded to the luxury package where you won't miss a thing. From dusk till dawn, your wedding will be documented fully. If another photographer is available it will be included in this price.  

  • All full resolution edited digital files with print release
  • 2 Custom designed coffee table books
  • 16x20 Canvas or Metal Print
  • Photographer’s favorites printed as 4x6s

Gold package

Full Day
8 - 9 hours


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We take great pride in being a comprehensive print lab equipped with state-of-the-art printers capable of producing stunning prints ranging from 3x5 all the way up to impressive 40x60 sizes. Among our most sought-after wedding offerings are our exquisite wedding albums and custom books, meticulously crafted to showcase your cherished memories. Additionally, we offer a captivating array of large metal and canvas prints, perfect for making a bold statement in your home or as unforgettable gifts. To explore our complete selection of products and pricing details, simply click here and immerse yourself in a world of visual possibilities.

What kind of printed products do you offer?

we understand the importance of safeguarding our equipment, clients, and ourselves. That's why we maintain comprehensive insurance coverage, encompassing general liability and various photography-specific needs. As dedicated members of the Professional Photographers of America, we stay up to date with industry best practices and standards. While insurance may not appear as a separate line item on your invoice, please know that it is a crucial consideration for us, ensuring the smooth operation of our services and providing peace of mind for everyone involved.

Do you have insurance?

All of our wedding packages include the full resolution digital JPEG files that can be printed to whatever size you can possibly image. The files include a full copyright release for personal use. Along with the digital files, we always include some sort of prints whether it be 4x6 classic prints or a large gallery display. Every one of our packages can be customized to fit your personal needs, if you need more quality printed products or more photographic time allowed just ask and we can see what we can do to make your wedding unique.

What do your packages typically include?

Kyle Brown is our primary wedding photographer, He loves photographing memories to last a lifetime. He has a newer style of a photojournalist mixed with his fathers traditional family photos. He makes sure to capture every moment and preserve this important day in your life. Check out his full bio here

Who is our photographer?

We do not offer any video services at this time. There are several companies out of Albuquerque who shoot great wedding videos and we will update our website if we extend our services

Do You Offer Video Services?

In most cases, a single photographer is usually sufficient for capturing the magic of weddings, particularly for smaller destination celebrations. However, we understand that larger weddings may require additional photographic coverage. That's why we offer the flexibility to include an extra photographer in your custom package if desired. We always take into consideration the practicality and space constraints of getting ready rooms and suites, which are often cozy in size. By keeping our team compact, we ensure that no precious moments are missed, while also avoiding any disruptions or obstructions that a larger media team might inadvertently create. Rest assured, our priority is to seamlessly document your special day with the utmost professionalism and without any unnecessary distractions.

How many photographers should I expect?

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