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Maple Photography Co.

Experience the joy of uninterrupted family time on your vacation with us! At our photo outdoor studio i.e. the Red River Ski Area. we understand the significance of cherishing every precious moment without disrupting your family getaway. Embrace the beauty of the Southwest with the region's premier ski photographers. Our commitment to excellence ensures that your memories are captured with the utmost quality.

Join us at the Red River Ski Area, where we specialize in freezing those perfect moments in the mountains. Whether you're an avid skier that makes it to the top or simply enjoy the scenic views at the base where everyone is invited – from the baby to Grandma. Your unforgettable moments await the mountain, making your family vacation truly special. Choose us to transform your memories into timeless treasures!

Embark on a visual journey in the breathtaking mountains of Red River, New Mexico, and discover the essence of capturing swift yet unforgettable moments. At Southern Exposure, we bring 45 years of ski photography expertise to elevate your experience, ensuring that every snapshot encapsulates the magic of your mountain getaway. Our seasoned photographers not only understand the unique charm of Red River but also possess a mastery that comes from years of specializing in ski photography. Trust us to freeze those exhilarating moments in the snow, offering a level of expertise that surpasses any local photographer. Southern Exposure and Ski Photos share the same commitment to delivering exceptional photography services, making us your trusted partners in preserving the memories of your mountain adventure.


We understand the importance of fairness and value for our customers, and while we haven't discovered a one-size-fits-all pricing solution, we're excited to share that we've incorporated generous discounts into our pricing structure. This way, those who choose to explore and purchase a variety of images will find not only a seamless experience but also significant savings. We believe in making your image selection both enjoyable and cost-effective, and we look forward to enhancing your creative journey with our diverse offerings.

can we get them all?

Our pricing is built on a "building your own package" or quantity discount. Your price will be determined based on the number of total images wanted. We offer a variety of digital and printed options, but our pricing is cheaper if purchased at our main chalet location than it is on our website.

What do your packages typically include?

We have many talented photographers specifically trained to provided our customers with a quality "mini-session" in the mountains. They know how to use the camera, lighting and posing to make you look your absolute best in the cold.

Who is our photographer?

Discover us nestled at the heart of the Red River Ski Area, conveniently stationed at the main chalet situated at 400 Pioneer Rd. Our prime location ensures easy accessibility for all visitors seeking to capture their mountain memories. Operating daily from 9 AM to 2 PM, our skilled photographers are at your service from Thanksgiving through the end of March. Whether you're an early riser or prefer a midday adventure, we're here to capture the essence of your experience against the stunning backdrop of Red River. 

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